Fanart Corner

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From my friend Johann:

From (sorry I forgot who drew this, it was from July 2011, which was months after my birthday but still cool):

From my buddy Justin Cyr:

From Onyx.5:

From This Machine Kills Fascis:

TMKF’s comment: “I didn’t realize until after I’d already drawn it that this is pretty boring. “

From Takashi:

Takashi’s comment: “I wonder if it’s only games, although… “

From Ashura:
Ashura’s comment: “The first one I was trying to think of something to have her say like ‘Don’t throw your controllers against the wall, Joe. ;_;’ “

From Gruntfuttock:
what a tweest
Gruntfuttock’s comment: “I haven’t drawn anything in a while so I’m a bit rusty.”

From B Coma:
I want to run into the fantasy zone with you

From thesychophant:

thesychophant’s comment: “IT IS FANART “

From oepn:
mighty classy

From Drem:
finest of quality
Drem’s comment: “Excited for his new system the SG-9000, Joe buys the hottest game on sale: Love+++. This causes SG-9000 to start acting all lovey dovey, but this isn’t enough to Joe. Craving a more physical relationship, Joe tries inserting the cartridge diagonally. SG-9000 whirs to life and says, ‘Welcome to LoveXXX.’ From there, Joe enters a fantasy world he could have never imagined! [18+ ONLY] “

From Takashi:
she needs no hands
Takashi’s comment: “Funny how our brain works. I originally decided to draw her without hands in pretty much the same way she does not have feet, and immediately after doing so I felt like the worst person in the universe.