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Sup dudes, this comic is a week late – I’ll make up for it with an extra comic sometime soon. I’ve still got lots of material from before the King of Violence tourney of just the SG-9000 and Joe hanging out that I haven’t used yet.

The character introduced in this week’s comic comes from the Violence Queen’s origin story. She’s been through a lot in those years since then.

Anyway, in anticipation of King of Violence tourney future story arch, I’ve been designing rivals for the Violence Queen team to battle. If you guys have any suggestions for designs or cameos to appear, feel free to leave some comments with ideas or pictures of your ORIGINAL CHARACTER (DO NOT STEAL).

Also I played Tekken for the first time last night and Lili is pretty much the hottest fighting game character ever.

EDIT: Here is an insightful diagram of the evolution of the SG-9000 through the comics so far, as made by Ouendan:

She will only continue to grow more blobulous as time goes on.