Warning: Blowing on the cartridge can corrode the connector pins

I Ustreamed the creation of this whole comic! Thanks goes to anothercoma, SatSupercade, Sollah, Sprite37, Megsomething, emisk, kotatsu, EU03, and whoever stopped by to chat.

Additional Technical Specs: the Seka SG-9000 is physically backwards compatible with every system in Seka’s console history. (Disclaimer: backwards compatibility with the Seka SG-1000 play cards will require use of Seka SG-1000 to Tera Drive converter.)

Here’s some screenshots of Blockman that Joe was playing:
bluckman brockman

I want to play this game.

Anyway, I’ll probably Ustream the making of the next comic too, so check out my ustream next Saturday night or check my Twitter because I’ll probably announce it there.

EDIT: Here is a slime girl for sollah: