SG-9000 comes home

So my friend challenged me to make a webcomic I’d update weekly for a year, no matter how awful it got. I took the challenge on. Welcome to the INSTRUCTION SPACE.



The new, state-of-the-art sentient game console from SEKA Corporation.
* CPU: 9x Hitachi SH-16 CPU (1.8 TH)
* Graphic Engine: Seka Custom 4D
* Sound Engine: 128 channel, 20.1 ch SSP-DIF
* Storage: 32TB SSD
* Simultaneous Number of Colors: Approx. 16,770,000 (hyperspectral imaging)
* Resolution: 24 tHz, 3840×2160, 31 tHz 7680×4320
* Polygons: 16 trillion polygons/sec


Hasn’t owned a game system since he was a kid. After getting annoyed of hearing his coworkers talk about how fun some new games were, he decided to pick up a system himself. Might come to regret it.

That’s about it.