Beware, earlier choices may come back to irrevocably haunt you

Here’s this week’s update! Thanks to the people in the stream for watching! Check back next Saturday night/Sunday morning (PST) to watch me ustream the next comic drawing. Or follow my twitter for last minute updates, etc.

In other news, I updated the About Page with info about the Violence Queen and SG-9000 EU version that accompanies her.

Princess of a small European nation, she won The Queen of Violence 2005 AG and used the award money to feed her sitcom obsession, even going so far as to move “to the land of the sitcoms.” It is said her father, the King, cries himself to bed every night.

SG-9000 EU version
A prototype model awarded to Violence Queen upon her victory of the 2005 AG battle. It has only been used to watch movies and for PC functions so it feels superior to other SG-9000s that have been tainted with use of video games.

Also here are some edits of Violence Queen because she is a hottie:

I guess you could post them on sites and link back to if you want.