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So my friend Phil challenged me to make a webcomic I’d update weekly for a year, no matter how awful it got. I took the challenge on. Welcome to the INSTRUCTION SPACE.


violence queen

sg-9000 eu


The new, state-of-the-art sentient game console from SEKA Corporation.
* CPU: 9x Hitachi SH-16 CPU (1.8 TH)
* Graphic Engine: Seka Custom 4D
* Sound Engine: 128 channel, 20.1 ch SSP-DIF
* Storage: 32TB SSD
* Simultaneous Number of Colors: Approx. 16,770,000 (hyperspectral imaging)
* Resolution: 24 tHz, 3840×2160, 31 tHz 7680×4320
* Polygons: 16 trillion polygons/sec


Hasn’t owned a game system since he was a kid. After getting annoyed of hearing his coworkers talk about how fun some new games were, he decided to pick up a system himself. Might come to regret it.

Violence Queen

Princess of a small foreign country, she won The Queen of Violence 2005 AG and used the award money to feed her sitcom obsession, even going so far as to move “to the land of the sitcoms.” It is said her father, the King, cries himself to bed every night.

SG-9000 EU version

A prototype model awarded to Violence Queen upon her victory of the 2005 AG battle. It has only been used to watch movies and for PC functions so it feels superior to other SG-9000s that have been tainted with use of video games.
The EU version differs from the standard SG-9000 by having an additional processor core that was used for translating on-the-fly a game’s text/dialogue/audio simultaneously across 9 languages. This proved too costly and was removed in immediate revisions and the feature was carried over (poorly) to software instead.

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